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A brief introduction.

Hi, I’m Mike.

in a few short months i will be turning 47 years old. They say you are only as old as you feel, so i am choosing to skip 25-46. Frankly there probably wasn’t going to be anything really exciting going on in that time anyway, and i would feel much more comfortable being an age where i can watch the Game Show Network without judgement, and people don’t have any ridiculous expectations like being out past 11 or having sex in more than one position.

So wow! 47 years. who would have guessed id make it this far? Certainly not my doctor, my other doctor, my dentist, my life coach, or my astrologist. But I’m pretty sure they just tell me that so i feel obligated to keep coming back.

Anyway… i hope to share, in some small way, the secrets and adventures of the life of a gay man growing up in the whitest part of suburban Nebraska. Fun Nebraska fact: “corn cob” references are NOT effective sexual innuendos.

First though you should probably know a little about me, for now ill make it quick:

- My spirit animal is the Owl. i don’t really know what a spirit animal is or what that means but i assume it is because owls are mediocre dancers and also hate any fat-free dairy product (i also am not very familiar with owls).

- I wear the same pair of shoes almost everyday, even though one of the shoes has no laces. About a year and a half ago my shoelace got caught in an escalator and was ripped out as i tripped and fell face first onto the floor right between a Starbucks and a kiosk selling knock-off sunglasses. i keep the shoe unlaced so that i never forget.

- I love to sing, I’m pretty decent, some say that with enough practice i could be the next Jerry Orbach. there is a good chance that i will be singing if you are around me long enough but almost no chance that it will be a boys song and probably not one that would be relevant in any way at that moment. right now i sort of cycle between Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas and Miss Chatelaine by k.d. lang. i do this consistently and without shame.

- Blaine is my favorite on Glee. (duh)

- I still own like 100 beanie babies from when i was 8. I am completely comfortable with this fact even though it rarely works to my benefit.

- Finally (for now), In my job i frequently get the chance to work with local animal rescue groups. i love animals and i have an amazing dog named Freckles (“Frex” to friends, or “dude” if you are my dad)

This is me, and there is a whole lot more to come.

Respectfully Yours,